Mrs. Kelly-

Thank you for letting us use blogs this year. It was very helpful. The blogs helped me interact with

kids outside of our school and outside of our country. Next year, when you are a computer teacher,

the third graders and up should use the blogs. It would help them with their grammar and typing.

This was an amazing experience for me this year and I’m glad we could use edublogs.


One thing that I recommend for next year, is that we should use the blogs  in 7th grade. We should

clear all of the posts from this year and our blog rolls, but still keep all the widgets and themes. Next

year, we can start over. I had a great time using edublogs and I was learning at the same time.

Week 10

For my week 10 post of the student blogging challenge, I asked my friend Maila, to answer a few questions about my blog and tell me what she thinks:

Me- “Malia, what do you think about my blog when you first look at it?”

Malia- “Well I can see it is very… sparkly. It’s eye catching. If you put it down next to mine, people would probably want to read yours more.”

Me- “Thanks. What do you think about my avatar?”

Malia- “Your avatar? It’s very fun!”

Me- “What do you think about the organization of my blog?”

Malia- “Well, you could probably organize better. Like your “pages” are going into your title.”

Me- “And what do you think about my widgets?”

Malia- “Well at the top, they aren’t distracting, but when you get to the bottom they are. For examaple, the pet weasle named after our teacher is a little distracting. And the piano is too.”

Me- “It’s a ferret. And the last question, what do you think would help improve my blog most?”

Malia- “Well you could make the page thing a little smaller, you know how its going into the title? Because that’s really distracting me.”

Me- “Thanks Malia.I will try to make those changes.”

Week 9

In the week 9 assignment for the student blogging challenge, it said to visit blogs. Overall, I had a fun time where I learned a lot!

My first few blogs I visited weren’t the best. Once I found a good one, I didn’t have a problem from there.

The first blog I found that was good was Matt’s blog. He had a cool post on family.

Then I went to Connor’s Blog. He had an amazing  picture that he drew of Indian Jones. Connor has a lot of artistic talent.

From Connor’s Blog, I went to Collin’s Blog. Collin had a funny video on Alexander the Great, who we learned about in history.

After Collin’s blog, I went to a girl named Caroline’s Blog, who I found out was me. I thought it was funny that  I ended up coming back to my blog and had a good time with week 9.

Week 8

For my week 8 post for the student blogging challenge, I decided to talk about an issue that occurs around the world. This issue is hunger.

Have you ever went to bed hungry at night? 70% of the world’s kids do. 70%! Hunger is not only in countries that haven’t established a proper government or system. Hunger is also in developed countries such as the United states.

Many people around the world are trying to help. For example, a teacher name Miss Sam used to teach at my school. When she left our school she went to start a restaurant in Arkansas named Pitza 4 2 (Pitza for two). They have pizzas served on pita bread and salads. When you purchase a meal, a starving kid in Africa gets one two.

This is just one of the many examples of people trying to help. I hope you want to help because I want to help too.

Week 7

Week 7 of the student blogging challenge, says to have fun. I created a sand picture with a cool sand picture site called For a history project that we did in school, I sculpted the Greek god Hera things that the Greek god Hermes carried and wore. I also drew a picture. It was a bear on rollerskates attacking a beehive. The sun had glasses and a mustache and the tree had an afro – the leaves.

I also used this site called isles of tune. I created my own village and it had music to go along with it. I had a very fun week 7!

Week 6: let’s work!

In Week 6 of the student blogging challenge, it says to talk about work: What type of work do you want to do once you leave school, is work always enjoyable, ect.

On another post, I talked about my dream job. I said I wanted to be a professional tennis player, but more realistically, a lawyer. My dad was a lawyer and thats why I wanted to be one. My dad had to do a lot of work to become a lawyer. After he finished high school, he went Harvard. After he finished 4 years of college, he got in to Berkley Law School. When he was done with that, he had to be an intern before he could work at the firm he is at now.

A lot of jobs require a lot of work, like a lawyer. Other hard jobs to do are if you want to be a teacher or  docter. Hard work early in life, will change your life forever. Down below, please vote on what you want to be when you are older and done with school.


or if your an other comment below!!
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Week 4: Make it Global

Week 4 of the student blogging challenge says to “Make it Global”, to find an issue that relates to the whole world. Many people are suffering from different places and many people are going to help. Unfortunately there aren’t enough people helping.

All around the world, there are children dying from sicknesses, families dying from starvation, orphans not being cared for, and different people getting ill from polluted water.

Not only are all of these things horrible, but there is something that can be worse: Kony. Joseph Kony is a man that has started an army with little boys. They are killed if they don’t follow his orders. The girls will also be killed if they do not obey commands. Kony doesn’t have a purpose except to maintain his power.

All around the world, people are getting involved. The only way to stop Kony is to make him famous. The government is finally helping and they will stop if they think that we don’t care.

To learn more about Kony and start helping go to but please if you are a child get your parents permission first! People everywhere are trying to make a difference because this is something that they believe in, and I believe in it too! So, are you going to help?

Week 3

Week 3 of the student blogging challenge is based on comments. Commenting is very important and a great way to get people to read your blogs! I think that commenting can be very thoughtful and helpful if you follow these steps:

  • Give specific details of what you like
  • Make sure you have correct punctuation and spelling
  • Leave a like to your blog so they have an easy way to access it and they will probably leave a comment on yours
Two people who left very helpful comments are my friends Collin and Colum. If you go to my recent comment bar, you can find the comments. Colum’s in on my week 2 post and Collin is on my Character Trait post.

I AM From…


The theme of a novel is often a connection between the protagonist’s thoughts in the beginning, and their actions in the end. In the Giver, Jonas learns that life is not just about the here and now. The Giver communicates that life is like a river, it flows different places passing on what you did, to the people after you. The past and present will always affect the future. My life is like a river too and I am from the actions of the past.

I am the smell of a new tennis ball, just opened at it hits the strings and flies into the air. I am my mom’s chocolate obsession and the delicious treasures she hides around the house. I am from Venice, the youngest child bathing in the dirty water from the people before her. I am from the white and pure world that swirls around me, the fluffy blanket that wraps around my chest in the cold. I am the confused little girl, not knowing what happened, but so curious why her parents are apart. I am taking with me my families laughter as he said; “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing” and, “Never trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you!” I am from calm and relaxing to bright colors, sparkles, and wild. I am the fighter in the dangerous battles, fighting for liberty and freedom, giving it all he has for his country. I am continuing the past, experiencing the future. I am learning, I am loving, I am living.