I AM From…


The theme of a novel is often a connection between the protagonist’s thoughts in the beginning, and their actions in the end. In the Giver, Jonas learns that life is not just about the here and now. The Giver communicates that life is like a river, it flows different places passing on what you did, to the people after you. The past and present will always affect the future. My life is like a river too and I am from the actions of the past.

I am the smell of a new tennis ball, just opened at it hits the strings and flies into the air. I am my mom’s chocolate obsession and the delicious treasures she hides around the house. I am from Venice, the youngest child bathing in the dirty water from the people before her. I am from the white and pure world that swirls around me, the fluffy blanket that wraps around my chest in the cold. I am the confused little girl, not knowing what happened, but so curious why her parents are apart. I am taking with me my families laughter as he said; “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing” and, “Never trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you!” I am from calm and relaxing to bright colors, sparkles, and wild. I am the fighter in the dangerous battles, fighting for liberty and freedom, giving it all he has for his country. I am continuing the past, experiencing the future. I am learning, I am loving, I am living.

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