Week 4: Make it Global

Week 4 of the student blogging challenge says to “Make it Global”, to find an issue that relates to the whole world. Many people are suffering from different places and many people are going to help. Unfortunately there aren’t enough people helping.

All around the world, there are children dying from sicknesses, families dying from starvation, orphans not being cared for, and different people getting ill from polluted water.

Not only are all of these things horrible, but there is something that can be worse: Kony. Joseph Kony is a man that has started an army with little boys. They are killed if they don’t follow his orders. The girls will also be killed if they do not obey commands. Kony doesn’t have a purpose except to maintain his power.

All around the world, people are getting involved. The only way to stop Kony is to make him famous. The government is finally helping and they will stop if they think that we don’t care.

To learn more about Kony and start helping go to www.kony2012.com but please if you are a child get your parents permission first! People everywhere are trying to make a difference because this is something that they believe in, and I believe in it too! So, are you going to help?

2 thoughts on “Week 4: Make it Global

  1. Hello Caroline,
    O.K., WOW. That Kony guy is evil. I can’t belive he actually kills people if they don’t obey him. I mean, seriosly, he can just give them a time out, but KILL THEM?! That’s harsher than harsh. Belive me, Caroline, if I had a chance, than I, Fariha, would do ANYTHING to get Kony famous. We can all change the lives of the people he wants to kill. We can save them!!!

  2. Hey Caroline. It’s Eli from Eli’s Fun Center. I noticed that you commented on my blog. So I came to visit yours. By the way, I’m glad that you posted that video on Kony, because I have the same video on my blog. Thx for commenting on my blog, and getting the word out about Kony.
    P.S: Here’s my blog address: http://www.elirhes.edublogs.org.

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