Week 10

For my week 10 post of the student blogging challenge, I asked my friend Maila, to answer a few questions about my blog and tell me what she thinks:

Me- “Malia, what do you think about my blog when you first look at it?”

Malia- “Well I can see it is very… sparkly. It’s eye catching. If you put it down next to mine, people would probably want to read yours more.”

Me- “Thanks. What do you think about my avatar?”

Malia- “Your avatar? It’s very fun!”

Me- “What do you think about the organization of my blog?”

Malia- “Well, you could probably organize better. Like your “pages” are going into your title.”

Me- “And what do you think about my widgets?”

Malia- “Well at the top, they aren’t distracting, but when you get to the bottom they are. For examaple, the pet weasle named after our teacher is a little distracting. And the piano is too.”

Me- “It’s a ferret. And the last question, what do you think would help improve my blog most?”

Malia- “Well you could make the page thing a little smaller, you know how its going into the title? Because that’s really distracting me.”

Me- “Thanks Malia.I will try to make those changes.”

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